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God has made me truly kosher before HIM

The word kosher means = proper, fit, clean

The Bible teaches us that only God is completely clean, proper and fit, HE is perfect, HE is holy.

When we consider God's standards for holiness we all as humans are far from being proper, fit, clean, perfect or holy in other words we are not kosher before God.

Ecclesiastes 7:20 and 2 Chronicles 6:36 - The picture gets worse when we read God's word and find out that there is absolutely nothing we can do to become kosher before HIM Isaiah 64:6 my good deeds may be good for human standards but before God, who created the universe and design each of our hearts, they are filthy rags.

God does not invite us to stop doing good deeds but not to believe that these deeds would grant us our "kosher certificate" Being good, moral, giving to the poor, reading the Bible, and praying is good for our own souls and growth but there is a wall that separates us from God Isaiah 59:2 Knowing that there is nothing we can do to get close to God is as bad news as one can ever hear.

What then, are we eternally condemn to be separated from God?
When we acknowledge our condition of "hopeless unclean human beings" before HIM, we can approach HIS sanctuary in heaven, bringing the sacrifice of atonement.

What sacrifice?
Leviticus 17:11 - God requires innocent blood to make atonement for our sins.

Where can we get this innocent blood?
The Bible talks about a lamb's blood. For centuries a lamb was offered for Pesach (Passover) as an illustration and reminder of the blood that was placed on the doorframes of the Israelites the day THE LORD strike down the first born in Egypt Exodus 12.  When God saw the blood HE "passed over" that house and the family was saved.

Exodus 12:12-13 - God talks about the ultimate Passover lamb, a lamb that was not slaughter and offered by human hands but by God Himself, anyone who is covered by the blood of this ultimate lamb is saved from God's wrath.

What wrath?
God's eternal wrath is on anyone who is not covered by the Passover lamb, so not only do we lack access to the LORD but there is eternal separation from our creator.  Anyone can be covered by the blood of the the Lamb of God.

God's ultimate Passover Lamb is the Jewish Messiah.  The Jewish Messiah who has already come to offer HIS own blood which is sufficient to pay for all our sins, He got the wrath we deserved for our sins.

Did He have to do it?
No!  He had compassion on our hopelessness condition and provided what HE Himself demanded, He provided the blood to make atonement for our lives

Lev 17:11 - After he shed His blood and died an undeserved death He rose from the death and is coming back but not to suffer again but to reign from Jerusalem in Israel.

So, God made me kosher.
I placed my faith in Y┤shua, the Jewish Messiah as my Saviour, He saved me from God's wrath and His blood made me kosher before HIM truly kosher!

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