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How to recognize the Jewish Messiah

According to the TNCH (Old Testament) The Jewish Messiah has to fulfill the following prophecies:

1.  Be the seed of the woman that would bruise the serpent’s heel. Genesis 3:15
2.  Be the seed of Abraham Genesis 12:3
3.  Be the seed of Isaac. Genesis 17:19, 21:12
4.  Be the seed of Jacob and the star of Jacob who will have dominion Genesis28:14, Numbers 24:17,19
5.  Be the descendant of Judah Genesis 49:10
6.  Be the descendant of David and heir to his throne 2 Samuel7:12-13, Isaiah 9:6-7
Isaiah 11:1-5, Jeremiah 23:5
7.  Have eternal existence Micah 5:1
8.  Be the Son Of God Psalms 2:7, Proverbs 30:4
9.  Have God’s own name Isaiah 9:5-6, Jeremiah 23:5-6
10.  Come at a specific time, Daniel 9:24-26
11.  Be born in Bethlehem, in Judah Micah 5:1-2
12.  Be born of a virgin woman Isaiah7:14,
13.  Be adored by great persons Psalms 72:10-11
14.  Be preceded by one who would announce him. Isaiah 40:3-5, Malachi 3:1
15.  Be anointed with he Spirit of God. Psalms 45:8, Isaiah 11:2, Isaiah 61:1
16.  Be a prophet like Moses. Deut 18:15,18
17.  Have a ministry of binding up the brokenhearted and proclaiming liberty to the captives. Isaiah 61:1-2

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