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I write on my journal once a week, I generally do it on Mondays, but you may choose whatever is best for you.  For me Mondays is good because it is the day when I organize the rest of my week.  Starting my week by asking myself some questions and seeking God’s direction helps me.

I use a normal 100 sheet notebook which is usually good for about three months and I can carry it with me wherever I am.  When I am close to the end of the notebook I buy a new one, I have several notebooks at home from past years!  Some entrees are very extended; some are small; and some are very sad - you can see dry drops on the paper; some are full of energy; and some are full of despair but throughout the years I have seen God’s faithfulness, even when I am unfaithful.

His grace overwhelms me and keeps on changing my heart one day at the time, one situation at the time.


The following are questions I answer in my journal.

DATE: The day of your entrée

TIME: The time on your watch - the reason for doing this is because I started to see after couple of years that there is a better time to do it.  Some prefer to do it in the morning, some at night when everybody else is sleeping, me, I do it after brunch on my day off.

PLACE: The room you choose - the kitchen, your room, the local library.  I also found that the best place for me to do it was my bedroom and with a large cup of tea.  Try different places until you find that nice spot!

SCRIPTURE: e.g. Exodus 12, sometimes I do whole chapters, other times just few verses.

Once you have read the section of your Bible,  answer the following questions:

1. What happened in this passage?
Use your own words, do not copy what you read but write in few sentences what you understood was happening.

2. Key verse(s)
Copy the verse or verses which were more relevant TO YOU on that day. I have found that by journaling on the exact same chapter years later different verses are the ones I choose.

3. What is God telling me through His Word?
Before you start reading, pray that God would speak to you from His word, then when you answer this question write down what you believe God is telling YOU.

4. What is God telling me through the latest events?
I believe God talks to us through HIS word and through through circumstances, and I also believe there are no coincidences. God is in control and allow us to experience all kind of situations for our growth!  So remember everything that happened in the last week and find God’s instruction and direction there and write them down.

5. My thoughts and my feelings
Describe honestly how you feel and what is in your mind and pour it on God.  Sometimes what God is telling us to do is not pleasing to our understanding the same.  Like for example when I give injections to my kids, they think I am doing something against them.  Well, this is the place when you openly tell God how you feel about everything including his instructions

6. What action(s) must I take?
List the actions you must take.

7. Relevant prayer.
Write down your prayer regarding all that you wrote and pray.

Here are the list of questions by themselves if you would like to print them.
1. What happened in this passage?
2. Key verse(s)
3. What is God telling me through HIS Word?
4. What is God telling me through the latest events?
5. My thoughts and my feelings
6. What action(s) must I take?
7. Relevant Prayer.

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