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Why many Jewish people do not believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.?

For born again Christians, the Words Cross, Church, Christ, Christianity mean love, grace, forgiveness.

For Jewish people the exact same words mean hatred, persecution, death.

Through out history, these words have been used in the name of Jesus to cause great harm to Jewish people, the Christian Inquisition, The Crusades, are two examples of great cruelty and terrorism to Jewish people, the destroying of properties and beatings that Christians inflicted on Jewish people during Christmas in some places is shameful and tragic, the calling of “Christ Killers” to any Jewish Person, even little children have heard this accusation in streets for years including in our day (as if he had not died for me, on purpose, I killed Jesus).

Replacement Theology, well that has been the seed that has been watered and grown into Anti-Semitism, Replacement Theology is the teaching that God is done with Israel, and therefore every
time the word “Israel” is found in the Bible it refers to the church. (Is anybody reading Romans 9-11, Jeremiah 35-37)

The problem (when presenting Jesus as the Messiah) is not with the picture the Bible gives of Jesus but the picture, the Church and Christians have given to Jewish people.

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